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About Us

Adlar Internet started in 1996 with the following mission statement:

“Conduct business with integrity providing
exceptional service at affordable rates.”

We still adhere to this mission statement in everything we do. We have been involved with hundreds of projects and each company we’ve worked with is seen as a business partner, not merely a client.

With Adlar Internet, our work is centered around the principle that today’s use of the Internet can be a powerful blend of tools in conveying who and what your business is about along with providing you with cost effective processes that keep you competitive in today’s fast paced business environment.

We’ve expanded our services to include web based training and development through 1eLearn believing it follows our commitment to those values. Our experience in Internet and training development goes back over 14 years in our attention to the details along with approaching projects as a partnership with your company.

We also specialize in working with churches and nonprofit agencies. We can provide cost effective, quality training to your members and staff.

Our experience:

Since 1996, we've provided a complete one stop solution to all your Internet business needs including training development.

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