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1eLearn is your single source to handle all of your training needs.

Through working with your company’s current training content, we assist in all stages of developing a cost effective, consistent transition to web based learning. We can also transition your training material into a classroom based environment through DVD, making training more effective when the Internet is not available.

Services include:

  • We take your material and develop online web based training to either enhance a live classroom or present a complete online course creating consistency that assures the course objectives are always covered. This guarantees that even if you have multiple instructors presenting the material or students covering material via the Internet on their own, key points will always be presented.

  • We use a variety of processes to present the material that make it informative, interactive and engaging. This means using video, Flash, text, HTML or any other means available via the Internet that will create a compelling learning environment.

  • Using a web based approach to learning, we provide a system that makes it easy to track who is participating along with the ability to monitor their comprehension of the material through a secure Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Our Learning Management System can be adjusted to provide you with community based learning principles including Forums, Quizzes, Glossaries, Resources, Choices, Surveys, Assignments, Chats, Workshops and Student Blogs.

  • Along with using the Internet for training, we can also create a DVD based approach for learning content that gives you the ability to present all of your training material in a non-Internet setting for your users.

  • We offer a complete hosting solution for your Learning Management System, hosting your LMS on our servers.

  • Converting your training VHS tapes to DVD for classroom or the web

We are capable of providing a completed Web-based solution project without the need for partnering with other vendors. In addition to cost efficiencies, this capability provides a single and consistent point of responsibility throughout the project.

See the benefits:
Proven techniques that promote an increase in information retention.

Train large numbers of users quickly, consistently and cost effectively.

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